Southlands Hospital


Crest Nicholson acquired part of the Southlands Hospital covering the Victorian element of the original hospital which included the East and West Lodges and the refectory building.

All of these had originally been part of the Victorian workhouse and in the intervening years had had various usage.

Some previous redevelopment had been commenced and abandoned leaving all the buildings open to the elements for a prolonged period resulting in significant degeneration of the structure.  Due to the poor condition of the structures no survey could be undertaken until temporary works had been designed and installed to allow safe access and prevent collapse.

The design was developed on the basis of the initial survey was subject to considerable change as elements were exposed and their true condition revealed.

As well as the refurbishment of the Victorian buildings which provided 27 apartments Reuby & Stagg undertook the civil and structural design works associated with the construction of  197 new dwellings and their associated Highways and drainage including the S278 works to the A27.