Rowan Road


Former school redeveloped for 131 new houses and 59 flats.

This former school has been redeveloped for housing which involved the construction of 131 new houses and 59 flats, the conversion of the Edwardian School building for residential use and a new two storey PCT building.

The conversion of the school building involved the addition of a new floor to provide duplex units to the existing first floor extending into the existing roof space.  As the new ceiling line was above the bottom of the original king post trusses it was proposed to remove the roof in its entirety and replace it with a new raised construction.

As an alternative Reuby & Stagg designed a series of steel frames which could be positioned within the roof void and allow removal of the trusses whilst retaining the rest of the roof frame and tiling.  This proposal was not only cheaper than replacing the roof construction but also had substantial programme benefits.