Thanet – Westwood Cross
This £50 million plus build cost development by Carillion Richardson Properties is a major edge of town retail mall development at Broadstairs in Kent.

The development is principally on the site of the old Haine Isolation Hospital.  It consists of two major anchor units for Debenhams and Marks & Spencer, three malls of shops up to 3 storeys and 25000 sq.ft. first floor sports and leisure unit including a swimming pool.
The developer’s criteria required the ability to provide mezzanines throughout all the units supported from the structure, as well as the ability to be able to amend the unit sizes and the column grid at short notice, to meet prospective tenants requirements.
The use of a three dimensional model of each block permitted the developer to make a large number of last minute significant changes that would have otherwise been impractical to undertake.  The site was overlain by up 2m of very soft clay covering chalk designated as the most important aquafer in the South East of England.
In addition the site was dissected by an old railway cutting 10m deep, it haed been dismantled in the 1930’s and subsequently land filled.  A foundation solution including bridging over the old railway cutting, as required by the Environment Agency.  This was encapsulated but not disturbed or penetrated by piles.  Deep lime stabilisation of clay, combined with a 100,000 cu.m. cut and fill exercise, enabled the re-use of the clay to level the site.
The use of the lime stabilised material promoted significant savings in ground floor and external works construction, allowing ground bearing slabs and black top finishes to be laid directly on the improved fround, without the need for imported granular sub base layers.